Meet GRW’s Sister Companies

Green to go

HES Renewables are based in Herefordshire and specialise in the supply and installation of solar panels, battery storage and EV chargers. They take on projects large and small but always with an unerring commitment to quality.

Right now, there are great green energy saving options for most home and business owners.

Solar energy

With recent technology advances, you can now capture and store solar energy for homes, agriculture and businesses, heavily reducing the ever more costly supply from the grid. Add to this the option to top up from inexpensive nighttime tariffs and you can almost feel the warmth of energy independence. HES Renewables would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about renewable technology and quote you green.

  • Save up to 70% off your energy bills
  • Generate your own off-grid power
  • An asset long after pay-back
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On hand for jobs big and small

Whether it be to change a tap washer, install a water cylinder or completely revamp your bathroom, we offer our customers excellent workmanship, advice and customer care.

With our passion for what we do we go above and beyond to make sure the job, whatever it may be, is completed on time, and professionally done with as little disruption as possible.

Heat pumps – the future of heating

Heat pumps – both ground source and air source – are the future of greener home heating in the UK. Currently, domestic heating accounts for around 14% of the UK’s total emissions. Heat pumps provide a viable solution to this problem, providing homes with a greener, reliable and convenient heating option. Although they require a small amount of electricity to operate, they use heat from the environment and are incredibly efficient.

  • Save up to 65% off your energy bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 60%